Do you offer custom sizes?

UltraShelf is pleased to offer its customers custom sizing and shelving. Under the “shop” and “all things custom” listing, you can find 50+ widths and their respective pricing. Our standard depth is 10″, and this depth applies to the custom listings as well. However, we do offer custom depths (smaller and larger than 10″). In order to get a quote on a depth other than 10″, please contact us via email or phone.

Do you offer custom shelves?

We do. Although we do not stock custom shelving, we have the capabilities of constructing a wide array of shelves and shelf-types. UltraShelf is proud of its expert woodworkers; and we have been known to complete shelving projects not found on our website. Please contact us for further assistance.

How do I know what size(s) to get?

Here at UltraShelf, we often get inquiries asking what size(s) are appropriate for their homes. We offer 7 stocked sizes (12″,18″,24″,36″,48″,60″. and 72″), but our most popular sizes are 24″ and 36″. In order to provide you with the most appropriate size, we encourage you to take measurements of the area you wish to install your shelving.

Do all your shelves include brackets and hardware?

Yes. UltraShelf pricing includes brackets and hardware for every shelf ordered. We understand that a few shelving companies make a point to exclude hardware; claiming the fact that walls are too versatile. This is simply not true; so we provide our customers with 2.5″ screws for studs and screws that accommodate wall types from plaster, sheet rock, stone, brick, and several others.

Do you offer free shipping and returns?

We understand that consumers dislike paying for shipping, returns, hidden and extra fees. Our shipping is free and so are our returns. We accept exchanges free-of-charge; and the price you see on the site is the price you pay. We do add a $70 charge per shelf for shipping to Alaska and Hawaii.

Does the solid walnut have a natural finish? Or is it painted?

Our solid walnut shelving is genuine walnut. We do not paint these shelves. Our painters simply place a clear coat on the wood to give a more polished look and protect the wood from tarnishing.

Is it necessary to mount to stud(s)?

Not always, no. However, it is important to remember that our shelves are weight-tested while mounted to studs. If you plan on adding a lot of weight to your shelving, we recommend mounting to as many studs as you can. Like mentioned above, we provide our customers with wall-dog sheetrock screw/anchors. These are each weight-rated at 50 lbs and can be mounted to several wall types. If you are not planning on mounting to studs, use all the wall dog anchors provided; and remember that your shelf will no longer hold as much weight as if it were mounted to studs.

Any unanswered questions?