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Solid Walnut Floating Shelf Kit – Custom Sizes – Free Shipping


Because everyone’s shelving space is different, we offer custom sizes so you can get a truly perfect fit for your needs!

All our shelves come with free shipping and no-hassle returns, so why say ?no??

Shipping: Free Shipping, 1-3 Weeks

Pricing reflects one shelf.

Materials included: Shelf, Bracket, Screws, Sheet Rock Anchors.


Select Raw/unfinished below for a 5% discount.

Install Note: Long screws accommodate studs. Depending on the shelf size, your bracket may reach just one or two studs. For your convenience, we also provide short screws that act as both screw and anchor. Each screw is weight-rated at 50 lbs, ensuring maximum strength.

With custom orders, please have all final decisions made before purchasing. Once purchased, custom orders go directly to production to begin construction. After this, it will be impossible to make order changes.